Where can I find the best energy rates in Waco, Texas?

Zip Codes

76633, 76638, 76640, 76643, 76655, 76657, 76701, 76704, 76705, 76706, 76707, 76708, 76710, 76711, 76712, 76798

Power To Choose Electricity in Texas allows residents and businesses in most areas of Texas the power to choose their electricity provider. Which is also known as a deregulated energy market. A deregulated energy market provides competitive rates when selecting your electricity plan. This can also create a lot of energy plans to sort through.

At ProSource Power, we have hand-selected the best short- and long-term plans. Long-term plans allow you to lock in the best current rate in a market with a lot of uncertainty. For those of you new to the market and maybe not looking for a long-term commitment, our short-term plans are the perfect solution.

The kWh rate can vary based on the term of the plan (6 months–5 years); some require a deposit, but as your Broker, we should be able to work around any deposit requirements.

Let ProSource Power help you shop for electricity in Waco, Texas.

Since 2003, we have provided Energy Procurement and helped our customers save money. Serving residential and all business sectors including Government, Municipality, Commercial, Industrial, Hospitals & Medical Centers, Property Management, Retail, Schools, Multi-level Parking Garages, Parking Lots, and more.

We work with the following Texas electric providers: APG&E Energy and Chariot Energy. These suppliers are trusted partners that have been carefully selected to ensure reliable and affordable electricity options. Each provider offers its own pricing, plans, and features, so we encourage our customers to explore their options and choose the one that best fits their needs. 

ProSource Power gives you access to shop for energy plans in Texas.