The greatest innovation of consumer products generates profit and wealth because they do two things, solve problems and reduce costs. LED Lighting does both!
LED Lighting Upgrades, Retrofits and Energy Procurement We Guarantee to Lower Your Energy Costs
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Located in North Texas in the greater DFW area, ProSource Power has been providing energy solutions for Commercial, Industrial, Municipal, Independent School Districts and Retail businesses, since 2003. Specializing in LED Lighting and Energy Procurement we have saved our customers tens-of-thousands of dollars on their electricity bill. Let us help you do the same.

Converting to energy-efficient LED Lighting have managed to save up to 80% on their lighting bill. ProSource Power delivers quality results with minimum disruption to your household. Though Upgrading and Retrofitting sound expensive it’s more affordable than you think. Also, with ProSource Power’s expert technicians, converting to LED can be installed quickly and efficiently.

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ProSource Power LLC specializes in the latest LED technology for your business. We can significantly improve the quality of light within your organization, reduce your energy consumption and provide utility incentives to help fund the project.

ProSource puts the energy of your home or business into your own hands by connecting you with energy choices that help save money from start to finish. Compare your options now and save on every electric bill. There are several ways to save energy for both homes and businesses, and we’ve helped customers find them for more than a decade. You can choose appliances that consume less power, install bigger windows for natural light, and use efficient light bulbs, but your rates still determine your electric bill.


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McKinney Energy Efficient Lighting Conversion

What does a Fortune 500 company, a government agency and an everyday business owner have in common? They can all benefit from McKinney energy efficient lighting! ProSource Power is an energy savings company that helps businesses save on their electric bills, reduce the amount of energy consumed and lower their carbon footprint. It’s a win-win for everyone – our environment included!

ProSource Power: Your Key to Energy and Cost Savings

ProSource Power has 35 years of experience helping businesses save money on their utility bills. We accomplish this in two distinct ways. The first is by making efficient upgrades to the property that leads to energy savings. The second is by working with various energy suppliers to get better rates for our clients.

Let’s look closer at how ProSource Power can help your business.

  • McKinney LED Lighting Conversion. Did you know that LED lighting uses 70-80% less energy than incandescent bulbs? By switching to commercial LED lighting in McKinney TX, your business can enjoy better light output and lower electric bills. With our retrofit kits, making this update is easier and more affordable than you may think! ProSource Power is an authorized service provider for Oncor, AEP, TNMP, SwepCo and OG & E Incentive programs.
  • Competitive Electric Rates. We can get better rates and incentives for our clients because of these relationships. With our energy procurement services, you never need to worry about electric again! We work with over 10 major suppliers to provide your business the pricing options available.

Turnkey Solutions for McKinney Commercial LED Lighting

As a company committed to saving money and energy, we focus on McKinney energy efficient lighting. With the amount of energy that can be preserved – up to 80% – it’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to reduce spending. As long as you are happy with the current placement of your lighting system, you don’t need a major overhaul with our retrofit kits. You can take advantage of commercial LED lighting in McKinney TX almost immediately without any downtime for your business!

Benefits of LED Lighting Conversion in McKinney TX

We’ve already discussed the cost and energy savings of LED lighting, but what may be some other motivations for making the switch to energy efficient lighting in McKinney TX?

Less maintenance. Longer lifespans.

ProSource Power installs some of the highest quality lights on the market. They have a lifespan of 20+ years and a warranty of 10 years for cities, schools and government agencies (5 years for businesses). Additionally, LED lighting provides better light output, leading to more productive students and employees.

To learn more about McKinney energy efficient lighting and how it can reduce operational costs, call ProSource Power or fill out our contact form. We look forward to helping you put more into your business and less into your utility bills.