Customized Lights

Customized Lights to Fit your Business

LED Panel & Troffer Lighting

Commonly used in office and retail space, classrooms, Religious facilities and supermarkets. They’re a perfect energy efficient replacement tube for the more harmful fluorescent bulbs used today. Additionally, they bring a sleek more modern look to your business.

LED Hi-Bay Lighting

For best use in open spaces such as warehouses, show rooms, manufacturing plants and gymnasiums. These fixtures supply optimum lighting for safer working conditions.

LED Flood Lights

A more direct light. They’re versatile lights that can be strategically placed on walls or ground to light specific areas that general-purpose lights can’t expose. They are best used to light building fronts, parking lots, play grounds and flag poles.

LED Parking Lot Lights

May be considered the most important lights at your facility. They provide safety and security for your employees or customers. These lights run for long hours therefore energy efficiency is crucial to your savings.

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