Questions And Answers

At ProSource Power, we know navigating the deregulated energy market in Texas can be overwhelming. We hope the questions and answers below will help. If you still have questions, connect with our live chat operator in the bottom right corner. 

In 1999, the Texas Legislature passed a deregulation law that made it possible for consumers in most parts of Texas to choose their own electric company. The new law was passed to encourage free market competition and lower prices. Some areas, such as municipalities and cooperatives, were not required to deregulate, so customers in those areas may not have electric choice.

Yes, businesses also have energy choice in Texas. If you are interested in commercial electricity, fill out this form and a ProSource Power team member will get in touch with you.

Find the “kWH Usage” number on your past bills. If you’re moving into a new residence and not sure of your usage needs, consider starting with a shorter (3- to 6-month) plan. Then lock in a longer term once your usage needs are known.

Nothing. We are paid by the energy provider that you choose.

Anytime you want, but if you’re not willing to pay a termination fee then switch no earlier than 14 days before your contract expiration date. Your REP must list the contract expiration date on your monthly bill at least 30 days or one billing cycle in advance. If there’s any question, check your account online.

Once you’ve checked your contract for early termination fees, switching providers is pretty easy. Enter your ZIP code here and we’ll show you the electric rates and energy companies in your area. Once you choose your energy company and plan, you can sign up online, or give us a call and we’ll set you up over the phone. A confirmation email will be waiting in your inbox.

After that, your work is done. Your new provider will coordinate the switch with your utility company and your previous company. You do not need to cancel your old service and you shouldn’t lose power. 

No. When you sign a contract with a new electric company, it will contact ERCOT, which will mail you information to confirm that you want to switch. ERCOT will also notify your old company that you have changed service providers. You do not need to contact your current electric company, but remember that you will still be responsible for any penalties if you break a contract with that company.

To report a power outage or a line down in your area, please contact your provider from the list below: 

AEP Central 1-877-373-4858
AEP North 1-866-223-8508
Centerpoint 1-800-332-7143
Oncor 1-888-313-4747
Texas/New Mexico 1-888-866-7456