What Type of Bulb do you Need?

Why upgrade from CFL to LED?

CFLs usually have a warm-up period before they reach their full light output, they vary in color consistency and have lower color rendering index (CRI) values compared to incandescent lamps. They are difficult or impossible to dim.
LEDs offer additional energy savings through, longer lifetimes, instant “on” at full light output, improved dimming and other control capabilities. Many LED products offer warranty periods far exceeding the expected lifetimes of CFL products, enabling operating savings in replacement and labor costs.

What Type of Bulb do you Need?

Spot lights or flood lights are best for track lighting or overhead recessed lighting.

 Flood lights cast a wider directional light than spotlights and are best for outdoor and recessed lights.

A-line bulbs disperse light at a wide angle throughout a room and are best for room lighting, reading lamps and hallways.

Candle (aka “decorative”) bulbs emulate the shape of a candle flame and work in multiples to provide ambient and accent lighting. Use for wall sconces and decorative fixtures.

Globe lights emit light in every direction, which makes them ideal for bathroom vanities and pendant lights.

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