Lighting as a service – Part 2

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Lighting as a Service is a rapid growing industry, you will not want to overlook the benefits you can gain from participating. In part one of this series, we defined what Lighting as a Service is, now we will walk you through the typical process a lighting service will provide. Like most LaaS services, ProSource follows a four-step process. We start with a detailed energy audit to discover how your current energy is being used with absolutely no cost to you. This will help show the amount of energy you will save by switching to LEDs and how you can start budgeting to make the switch. After the detailed audit, we create a proposal and will walk you through the next steps of what products will be best for your facilities. Once we come to an agreement, then we bring in our professional technical team to begin the installation process. We do our best to install your new LED lights with minimal disruption to you. After everything is installed we make sure to dispose of all your old lighting materials and clean up any waste from the installation process. Our four step process is similar to other LaaS companies, however what makes us different is keeping you in the loop every step of the way. We know you value your business, so it is important to us to keep you informed and up-to-date with the process. High quality customer service is our mission, we aim to provide you with professional services and the most current LED features.

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