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Today’s businesses must be conservative when it comes to managing their electricity. Many building owners find themselves making cost- and energy-efficient decisions such as by installing Plano energy saving LED lights, investing in window film or upgrading to new HVAC systems. While these upgrades are necessary to maintaining your building, they will only carry you so far.


ProSource Power: Changing the Way Businesses Pay for Energy

ProSource Power is an energy team that helps business owners with Plano building energy management. The way we operate is unique, as we match you with the best energy providers. We have connected with over ten of the largest energy suppliers to deliver our clients the very best rates.

Once we learn about your energy usage, average monthly bills and current energy provider, we can match you with a new supplier. We gather quotes from our top vendors and find you the best options based on your needs and budget. Our goal is to create an energy management plan that saves you time, money and headache.


Comprehensive View of Your Energy Needs

Working with the right energy provider is an important step in the right direction. But you need to do more if you want to see the full benefits of Plano building energy management. One area that we encourage our clients to address is lighting.

Lighting accounts for a large chunk of your energy bill each month, and much of this is wasted energy. By better controlling your lighting needs with Plano energy saving LED lights, you can reduce electricity costs and maintain cooler temperatures in your building.

Below are a few key benefits to installing energy saving LED lights in Plano TX:

  • Safer and cooler than incandescent bulbs
  • Durable and longer lasting
  • Better, more efficient lighting
  • Very little heat released
  • Less maintenance

Are you ready to start saving money and lowering your carbon footprint? Call ProSource Power to discover the limitless possibilities of Plano energy saving LED lights.


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