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An energy audit helps you better understand the operational and equipment improvements that can be made to reduce energy costs. While it is possible to conduct a DIY audit, your best option is to hire a company to provide you with an Ardmore free energy audit. This way, you get a thorough assessment of your building and professional advice at no cost to you.


What is a Building Energy Audit Report in Ardmore OK For?

A company like ProSource Power offers Ardmore building energy audit reports to businesses that are interested in making their buildings more efficient. We are committed to lowering our clients’ monthly electric bills so that they can put more money back into their businesses. All billing is handled quickly, efficiently and transparently for your convenience!

In general, an energy audit is a basic road map that helps you make better choices for the future. Below is some of the information you can expect from your free energy audit in Ardmore OK.

  • Maintenance and other operational adjustments that can be made to save energy
  • Retrofit recommendations, such as the installation of LED lighting that can reduce energy by 70-80%
  • Comfort and code issues that can be resolved immediately
  • Opportunities for improved comfort and lighting
  • Action plans for energy efficiency, with cost savings that can be used toward future projects


Benefits of Hiring ProSource Power for Your Ardmore Free Energy Audit

Whether you’re looking to make simple retrofit upgrades, or you are planning a long-term project, a building energy audit report in Ardmore OK will prove helpful. Not only does ProSource Power offer free audits, but also we have a turnkey solution that allows you to save money right away.

With our energy procurement services, you can get more competitive pricing on your electricity. We’ll manage everything for you and make sure that you’re saving every month! We can also assist with energy efficient upgrades such as LED lighting. When you bundle these services, you are eligible for discounted rates.

Ready to start saving money for your business? Schedule your Ardmore FREE energy audit today!


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